Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lobo Mau Selects Xperia Apparel ERP, BI, WMS Software

Contemporary women’s clothing line Lobo Mau has selected apparel ERP experts Xperia Solutions as its enterprise software partner including an ERP suite, and Business Intelligence software programs. 

Fashion brand Lobo Mau selects Xperia apparel software: ERP, WMS, SCM, BI, PLM
Contemporary women’s clothing line Lobo Mau has selected apparel ERP experts Xperia Solutions as its enterprise software partner including an apparel ERP suite, Business Intelligence suite, and a future fashion PLM software integration.

Considered one of Philadelphia’s hottest up-and-coming brands, Lobo Mau was started in 2008 by Nicole Haddad while she was a graduate student studying fashion design at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Haddad had worked for several local designers before starting her own business. “I knew I had a unique design sensibility and I wanted to share it with women who liked my aesthetic,” she said. Today the company is based in Philadelphia with studios and offices in Ambler, Pa.

Lobo Mau is running a wide range of Xperia Solutions products and services for the fashion industry, including apparel ERP, Warehouse Management (WMS), Customer Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Financial Management.

According to Joe Weltz, Lobo Mau’s CFO, the regional design and manufacturing company plans to broaden its distribution nationally and into Canada in 2016. “Because of the comprehensive and integrated functionality provided by Xperia’s ERP software, our expansion plans can become a reality,” said Weltz.

“It’s always exciting to witness a small apparel business grow from regional to national, and even international scope with the help of our ERP software suite,” said Alan Robezzoli, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Xperia’s fashion software provides the information tools to manage and control the entire supply chain process while streamlining our clients’ business and improving efficiencies.”

Lobo Mau’s parent company, Piccione Fashion Group, connected the apparel company with Xperia. “Xperia Founder and President Gene Bonett has been a professional colleague of Vincent Piccione for many years, and Vincent was excited to be able to use Xperia’s apparel software programs for Lobo Mau,” Weltz explained. “But it was Xperia’s helpful and friendly customer service, and dedicated team of professionals that sets them apart from the competition. That kind of mindset starts with Gene and is apparent throughout the entire organization.”

About Lobo Mau
Lobo Mau is one of Philadelphia’s hottest up-and-coming brands. The highly stylized look is for the woman who wants to offer a peek at her wild side while still proclaiming that she is a sophisticated, successful adult who has it all together. Find them at

About Xperia Solutions
Founded in 1984, Xperia is an industry leader in enterprise management and business intelligence software solutions for the apparel and footwear industries. Xperia’s software suites help fashion businesses of all sizes manage the full spectrum of business intelligence and manufacturing, importing and distribution requirements including warehouse inventory, procurement, production, financials, e-commerce, product lifecycle management (PLM) and more. Xperia offers affordable cloud-based SaaS and enterprise solutions designed to address the needs of companies of all sizes from startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. For more 
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