Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Right-Sizing Your Apparel Software Provider

They say that size matters. But when it comes to the size of your ERP footwear or apparel software provider, that principle is particularly valid. 

True win-win relationships between you and your fashion software provider are much more likely to occur when you both are similarly sized, or at least compatibly sized so as to provide you with leverage in the negotiating process for bringing new features to market.

Why is this? A large ERP software company does not, and can not, pay close attention to smaller customers for a very simple reason: they do not represent a significant portion of the large company’s revenues or purchases.  The small customer is not critical to the large company’s continued success.

Think about it: if yours is a small or mid-sized business, yet your ERP software provider runs a mega business, then how likely is it that your requested software changes will make it into their base system upgrades? How can you compete with their far larger customers who pay annual maintenance fees for a hundred or more ERP users?

On the other hand, if you are doing business with an apparel or footwear ERP software provider who frequently deals with small and mid-sized fashion companies, then your voice is more likely to be heard because your business size pulls more weight.

At the core of this issue is one word: relationship.  Relationship is more important for a small-to-medium business than a large one, because small-to-medium manufacturers, importers, and distributors tend to have few IT resources, and therefore rely more on the software supplier and/or the implementation consultant.  Thus, in the long run, relationship is actually more important than almost any given feature or function in the software. 

Right-Sizing with Xperia ERP Software for Your Apparel or Footwear Company

Xperia software is sized right to handle your mid-sized or small fashion apparel or footwear software needs
At Xperia we provide apparel software primarily targeted to mid-sized and small businesses who want a software platform that cost effectively scales as their business grows, even into a mega brand. Yes, we've served some very large brands as well over the years, including some with annual sales in the $ hundreds of millions and sometimes into the $billions.

While many of our customers are under $100 million in sales, our scalable, easy-to-use software works great even for startups with as few as 5 ERP users (typically via our SaaS option). We're a family-owned software company focused on providing full-featured, tightly integrated apparel and footwear ERP, Warehouse Management (WMS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), B2B and Business Intelligence (BI) software for over 30 years. We've also integrated our system with various B2C and POS systems, and have tightly integrated our fashion ERP solution with PLM and CRM enhancements.

Bottom line: Chances are high that we can address your needs with our systems right out of the box, but if you need modifications unique to your business, we're happy to provide customization services. We care deeply about the needs of our customers and their success, and would love to earn your business!

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