Friday, May 10, 2013

Xperia Expands Fashion ERP Suite With SaaS:Cloud Platform

EMMAUS, PA – May 10, 2013 – Xperia Solutions has announced that its Comprehensiv™ Suite ERP platform for the apparel and footwear industry can now be deployed as a SaaS:Cloud Platform in addition to its traditional Enterprise model. This now allows Xperia to work with any apparel or footwear company regardless of their current IT infrastructure.

A SaaS / Cloud-based apparel & footwear ERP option is available from Xperia SolutionsSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS): Cloud Deployment is critical for clients who want a Comprehensiv™ ERP deployment that is integrated, scalable and easy to use while providing all the features and functionality that is needed without incurring a large capital investment and ongoing technical resources that can stress a company’s operational budget.

Xperia’s Comprehensiv™ ERP SaaS:Cloud platform for the fashion industry is an all-inclusive hosted offering that brings proven solutions that are developed, implemented, and supported by Xperia Solutions and delivered to clients via web access.

Xperia will host and manage a client’s solution externally in their secure and reliable data center, leveraging the SIS Managed Solution Center (MSC), which is a world-class facility that offers clients the latest developments in infrastructure, network security and hosting solutions. The SIS MSC offers the advantage of a secure and reliable Tier 3 data center that is SSAE 16 certified. SIS is the first global provider for IBM’s Cloud Infrastructure Certification.

Founded in 1984, Xperia is an industry leader in enterprise management solutions for the apparel and footwear industries. Xperia’s Executiv™ Suite helps businesses of all sizes manage the full spectrum of manufacturers’ requirements including warehouse inventory, procurement, production, financials, e-commerce and more. Xperia now offers a SaaS: Cloud product as well as H.A.D.R. (High Availability Data Recovery) to existing customers.

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