Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Xperia Solutions Relocates Headquarters To Emmaus, PA

Company provides Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) for national and international apparel and footwear manufacturers, importers and distributors.

EMMAUS, PA – April 3, 2013

Apparel and Footwear ERP Software Provider Xperia Solutions Relocates HQ to Emmaus, PA to better serve customers

Xperia announced today that it recently moved its company headquarters in South Whitehall Township to a new, larger building in Emmaus. The company owns the new office building located at 22 South 2nd Street rather than renting office space as it did at its previous location.

“This move makes great financial sense for us and will allow us to more easily accommodate our company’s future growth and expansion plans,” said Gina Bauer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Xperia. “The new location is also centrally located in the region and allows easy access for our staff and clients.”

Xperia staff members will continue to perform sales, marketing, customer service and support, IT customer support, onsite and virtual internet training, and administrative functions from the new office. It plans to expand staff after the relocation is completed. The new Emmaus location is in addition to a regional office located in Munster, Ind.

About Xperia Solutions
Founded in 1984, Xperia is an industry leader in enterprise management solutions for the apparel and footwear industries. Xperia’s Executiv™ Suite helps businesses of all sizes manage the full spectrum of manufacturers’, distributors' and importers'  requirements including warehouse inventory, procurement, production, financials, e-commerce and more. Xperia now offers a SAAS: Cloud product as well as H.A.D.R. (High Availability Data Recovery) to existing customers.

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